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Type: Music Studio
Scope of Work: 400 sqft Addition
Location: Pound Ridge, New York
Status: Under Construction
Method Design Team: Reese J Campbell, Demetrios A. Comodromos, Heath Horn, Tony Policastro, Veronica Di Pasquo, Angela Paquale, Kyle Baumgardner
Builder: Ian McCann General Contractor Inc.
Consultants: David Kufferman, PE (Structural Engineering)


With over one hundred releases since its inception by Taylor Deupree in 1997, Pound Ridge-based music label 12k has decisively defined and developed the concept of minimalism in the realms of electronic music for more than a decade.  Method Design, working closely with Taylor Deupree, developed a new work space and recording/mixing Studio for the 12K Label.  Responding to the existing 1969 building (Renovated in 2010), and the challenges of the steep hillside terrain, the studio was conceived as a weathered steel box delicately floating on 2 V-shaped columns, and a single wall which also connects the exterior stairs.  The studio enclosure, both structure and interior cladding, were developed to attenuate the spectrum of sound frequencies for recording and mastering purposes.  The structure was built with asymmetric blocking to minimize symmetric reflecting of sound through the walls. The interior floors, rear wall and ceiling, after being clad with White Oak, were then calibrated to with absorptive materials eliminating interior reflectance of a range of frequencies.  Selective windows and skylight were carefully placed for view and light, while not adversely affecting the interior sound quality, and at the same time allowing the walls to act as tall beams to participate in the complex structuring of a building were ever corner operates as a double cantilever.   The end effect is a superb music studio floating out of a hillside, creating a variety of spaces, under, above and around the landscape.