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Type: Residential/Apartment
Scope of Work: Renovation/ Change of use from studio to one bedroom apartment
Location: Tribeca, Manhattan
Status: Completed
Method Design Team: Reese J Campbell, Demetrios A Comodromos, Rachele Louis,  Ted Davis

Builder: Steve Caputo

In Enrique Norton’s (TEN Arquitectos) newly completed 1 York residential project in New York City, Method Design was charged with re-programming a partially finished unit.  By using a single integrated piece of infrastructure, the space was capable of being transformed based on the client’s daily use.

A media wall, which acts as a spatial object offset in the center of the space and houses necessary infrastructure and storage, allows the apartment to be divided or joined together into continuous space through the operation of two oversized sliding partitions hidden within.  The media wall includes power, data, and A/V hookups on both spaces (public living room and private bedroom) for flush mounted televisions and a recessed niche on the main space side to set back the screen from protruding.  All data and A/V equipment is hidden away in a separate area of the apartment so not to be prominent on minimal aesthetic of the media wall.

Treating the noisy and obtrusive mechanical units in the space, Method Design used the same ideas of integrated infrastructure to develop a sophisticated cover that acts as a peeled-away extension of the wall surface to encapsulate the heat pumps.  Whereas mechanical units are normally left exposed in spaces, by treating them with a perforated cover which helps baffle noise while allowing for ample air flow, the units bleed away almost seamlessly into the wall.