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Type: Apartment/Residence
Scope of Work: Alteration of an existing 2000sqft space
Location: Tribeca, Manhattan
Status: Construction, Completion December 2010.
Team: Nina Blair (Interior Designer) + Method Design
Method Design Team: Reese J Campbell, Demetrios A Comodromos, David Riebe, Jason Bean.
Builder: Black Square Builders Corporation
Photography: Amy Barkow/Barkow Photo

Consultants: CODE LLC (Expediting)

Method Design collaborated directly with Interior Designer Nina Blair on this project to renovate a 2000sqft Tribeca loft.  The primary condition the design team chose to combat in the alteration of the space was the lack of natural and direct sunlight into the main living spaces of the residence.  This is due to the construction of opaque partitions when the loft was converted to residential in the 1980’s blocking out direct sun from the south end of the residence.  The response from Blair+Method focused on the removal of the partitions to be replaced with 10′ tall all glass wall which flood the interior with light.   Within the general renovation of the rest of the apartment bathrooms were reorganized and expanded and the previously roomed in kitchen was designed into an open plan with the walls removed.  The material palate of the space mixes crisp contemporary materials and finishes fluidly with colorful details.