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Type: Commercial
Scope of Work: Renovation
Location: Flat Iron District, NY
Status: Completed 2013
Team: Method Design- Demetrios Comodromos, Reese Campbell, Angela Pasquale, Claire Laurence
Consultants: Dave Prutting
Builders: Riverside Builders

In Method Design’s proposal for the new offices of Billy Farrell Agency (BFA) and Izola-our team had to contend with a number of competing desires and criteria for the project; how can a space separate two distinct companies and operations, while maintaining spatial continuity and clarity?  How can flexibility of use be developed in a space while also providing for fixed use program?  How can branding be embodied in the character of a space?

Our solution utilized two floating volumes that captured ‘servant’ space (closets and pantry), which then also set up glass volumes for conferrece/’quiet ‘ rooms.  These glass fins divide the program, but provide for visual clarity through the windowed wall of the generous space.  A curated lounge, exhibition wall and cyclorama wall also double as spill-out space, and re-programmable elements.