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Type: Scholarly Work/Speculative Building Design + Urban Analysis
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Status: Paper submitted, accepted and published, Journal of Architectural Education Volume 63 Issue #1, pg 3, 6-13.  To access paper CLICK HERE

Method Design Team: Reese J Campbell, Demetrios A Comodromos, Alexander Chu, Ted Davis,  Rachele Louis, Angela Pasquale, Leigh Stewart.

The skyscraper is the ultimate (western) ‘formal typology’ created by the urban booms of the last century and most recently appropriated as the agent of rapid globalization. However, as a means of densifying urban fabric—and consequently reducing sprawl and congestion—it is conspicuously ab­sent from some of the world’s densest cities, particularly those within the Middle East. This project investigates the lack of tower constructions in Cairo’s dense urban and medieval fabric—and ultimate­ly proposes a speculative skyscraper that verticalizes the complex interrelationship of informal social networks and urban/civic form.  For full text  accepted by Journal of Architectural Education, click here.