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Type: Residence
Scope of Work: 500 sqft Addition and Full Renovation
Location: Pound Ridge, New York
Status: Construction Completion September 2010
Method Design Team: Reese J Campbell, Demetrios A Comodromos, David Riebe, Jason Bean, Heath Horn.
Builder: Riebe Construction
Publication: ArchDaily 

Consultants: David Kefferman, PE (Structural Engineering)

In this significant AIA Honor Award winning Addition / Alteration to an existing 1960’s Modern house on a sloped site in Pound Ridge, NY – our office was asked to reconsider three major aspects of the current condition – creation of a formal entry, an addition of a master suite, and a sustainable re-cladding of the entire house. Our approach centered on a qualitative response to the inherent characteristics of the site, which included intrusion of large old growth trees into the immediate area of the house, the dramatic coloration of the site’s seasonal foliage, and the daily use of the occupants which prescribed clear articulation of private and public space. Our response to these challenges entailed floating a new master suite on a forest of columns that reinforce an existing line of trees and create a procession towards the newly organized formal entry suspended underneath.  The columns themselves operate as a sophisticated structural system where each tips towards a projected point at the center of gravity, giving an innovative balance, stability and equilibrium to the new addition.  The cladding begins to conceptually organize and index the interior space.   Public areas are detailed with a rain screen of warm cedar finishes reflecting the outdoor environment in which they are situated.