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Type: Residential/ Competition
Scope of Work: Micro-unit Housing Schematic Design
Location: Kips Bay, NY
Status: Not Built
Team: Method Design: Demetrios Comodromos, Reese Campbell, Kyle Baumgardner, Angela Pasquale, Ted Davis, Steve Andenmatten, James Wisniewski, Charlie Sonders, Veronica DiPasquo
Macro-Sea:  David Belt, Elise DeChard, Rebecca Birmingham, James Neu
Builder: McGowan Builders, Inc

DOMICILE, a proposal jointly designed by Macro Sea and Method Design, reimagines the meaning of “home.” At what point does the pressure of rent per square foot and lack of social interaction with our neighbors inhibit our capacity to have “home,” “place,” “community?” DOMICILE contends that as responsible designers and developers, we cannot just shrink or scale down the size of a dwelling unit. People need space to cook feasts, greet guests, drink beer, and be happier, more productive citizens. To solve this dilemma, we amputated the space that allows people to nest in a large apartment or home, and gathered that amputated program to a larger shared version, accessible to all residents.

The result is 42 functional living units averaging 300 square feet, that keep individual apartment size to a minimum to focus on thoughtfully programmed, dynamic, and fun common spaces. We firmly believe that just because you live alone doesn’t mean you don’t have a ton of friends.