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Type: Multi-use Commercial/ Residential
Scope of Work: Renovation
Location: Cranford, NJ
Status: Completed 2011
Team: Method Design: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos, Lyndon Julien Sehl
Builder: Hara Group

The Kourtis Multi-Use Complex project’s program was the renovation and development of an old Post Office building for residential and commercial use along on North Street on the border of Garwood and Cranford, NJ.  However, the client also stated a desire for the landmark building to also showcase the possibility for active pedestrian engagement with commercial storefronts, and a general improvement of the sidewalk experience in the area of the property.

Our team used this desire to propose that the project be the development of a canopy that would create a new pedestrian and commercial space between the sidewalk surface, storefront and that new canopy.  This canopy would integrate signage, lighting, and seating through a singular ‘pedestrian/urban’ surface that would at once unify the existing storefronts along Cedar and North, while arresting the flow of traffic to create greater notice for the development.  The careful selection of robust, charactered, materials such as mahogany was used to create warmth on the under-surface of the canopy.  Whereas, anodized aluminum was used for the fascia, signage and roofing of the canopy and speckled concrete was used for reflection of the integrated lighting at night.  This multi-valent system allowed for minimal intervention on 90 year-old brick structure, while maximizing the effect of the changes.