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Type: Commercial
Scope of Work: Renovation
Location: E37th Street, NY
Status: Schematic Pricing
Method Design Team: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos, Jason Bean

Builder: DUCE Construction

The proposed lobby renovation was developed to clarify the existing space through a unified ceiling plane.  The singular ceiling element is able to facilitate natural light into the depth of the compact interior through the lightly sloping reflective Corian surface.  The sloping V-shape houses all the necessary infrastructure including additional lighting, slot diffused mechanical systems, and fire sprinklers.  Narrow slits patterned in the Corian surface control the location of both the lighting and the conditioned air.  The overall effect is that of a well-lit, unified space seemingly free of the cluttered systems.

The project also explored a potentially different designer-builder relationship by forming the team from the inception of the project.  Design, specification, and pricing are all performed real time by both Method Design and Duce.  The final proposed Lobby proposal was delivered as a ‘Turnkey’ proposal to the client.