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Type: Commercial
Scope of Work: 3,600 sqft Full Renovation
Location: Lower East Side, NYC
Status: Construction Completion February 2015
Method Design Team: Demetrios A Comodromos, Angela Pasquale, Ayman Alhajji, Katelyn Rauth, Ben Crocker
Builder: CDC Builders

Consultants: Jeff Brooks/ Integrated Home, (AV)

MEET at Chrystie is the new flagship location for MEET, The Meeting Solutions Company. The entry to the 2nd floor loft is illuminated in neon, highlighting the progression into the main space. This venue is intended to inspire re-imagining businesses, create new products or campaigns, and align strategic thinking. Two meeting spaces comfortably fit up to 40 guests on couches and assorted soft seating.

Utilizing two larger infrastructures of walls that set the larger Meeting spaces up, then uses the logic of the Salon. The Alcove, a recess, is used as a way to create secondary small meeting booths, and spaces for programmatic elements like a wine and beer tap, library shelving, art exhibition and so on. The architecture of the Alcove attempts to recreate the Salon wall experience of multiple scales of framed paintings, and by spatializing them create smaller environments for inhabitation.