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Type: Commerical/Fitness Facility
Scope of Work: Alteration of an existing 15,000 sqft space
Location: Tribeca, Manhattan
Status: Design Development Phase
Method Design Team: Reese J Campbell, Demetrios A Comodromos, Alexander Chu, Rachele Louis, Leigh Stewart, Ted Davis
Builder: Boss Enterprises

Consultants: WB Engineers (MEP), William Vitacco Assocates (Expediting)

Method Design was competitively awarded the flagship location for a new luxury lifestyle women’s spa + fitness facility to be called PRIMP.  The project program entails the incorporation of three main elements: fitness, wellness spa, and retail/amenity. The space which is to span four floors presents the challenge of creating a continuous architectural experience.

The strategy is to define each major program element as an individual architectural feature. The wellness area is conceived as a vertical object that would sectionally traverse the multiple floors and be articulated as an opaque, private, and serene respite from the energy of the fitness areas.  The fitness area utilizes the main features of group fitness distributed between the basement, mezzanine and second floor as ‘anchor’ rooms that could organize and distribute ancillary fitness program.  Finally the amenity programs are all defined by a series of ‘multivalent’ walls that loosely organize and separate them from the greater space for privacy, while also affording a distributed point of sales for retail. The resultant space is finally tied together by a grand staircase that circulates through the four levels, while providing for an enhanced theatric means of experiencing the full facility.