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Type: Commercial/Storefront
Scope of Work: Facade Renovation (landmark Building), Casework
Client: Jill Platner
Location: 113 Crosby Street, NY
Status: Completed
Method Design Team: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos, David Riebe, Jason Bean
Builder: Hard-Decor

Consultants: CODE LLC (Expediting)

The façade renovation in a Landmarked building necessitated adherence to the rigorous Landmarks Preservation Commission while finding ways to maximize the visual transparency of the client’s showroom.  The high-end jewelry store wished to display the owner’s large hanging sculptures, which are scaled extensions of the jewelry, as a provocative method of advertising.  Using a module that was appropriate to the historic district, the tall slender glazing panes of the new façade maximized visibility from the street to both the jewelry and the sculptures on display inside.  The end result is a system developed that subtly attracts potential clients as they pass by and appropriately relates to the historic urban context in which it is situated.