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Type: Commercial/Storefront
Scope of Work: Alteration of Interior Space
Client: Quench Wines
Location: Fort Lee, NJ
Status: Schematic Design
Method Design Team: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos, Jason Bean

Builder: TBD

The Quench Wine Store attempts to combine three distinctly different sales programs into a single store.  There is to be a vast variety of wine on display including a high end, environmentally controlled premium wine room.  Separated from the wine is the more traditional beer and liquor sales.  As an ancillary component designed to facilitate the other, there is a “Teas and Treats” area selling a selection of teas and product which complement the variety of wines. The legalities of the municipal zoning law required a separation for control purposes between the programs.  In order to unify them into a legally separated contiguous space, an articulated ceiling surface undulates above all three programs, while glazed openings make visual connections between spaces.  The façade is programmed to be activated by the presence of people specifically during events and tastings.  Rather than cover the windows with signage and treatments, tasting bars and tea counters line the glass and double as a window display.