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Type: Single Family Residential
Scope of Work: New Construction of 2500 sq ft residence
Location: Wilmington, DE
Status: In Construction
Team: Method Design- Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos, Angela Pasquale, Kyle Baumgardner, Ben Schneiderman
Consultants: Laufs Engineering Design, hpe Group

Method Design was retained to redevelop the schematic design for this concrete bar house and complete the design process. The main focus of this project is based around several key factors, view to the surrounding Brandywine, strategic volume geometry, and clean lines. In order to maintain the long concrete bar geometry, the roof had to be developed in such a way that it could help structure itself while spanning about one hundred feet. Method Design’s response was to utilize light wells with a geometry that allows for ample interior natural light, a green roof, and structural system. Additionally, a fifty foot infinity pool will be floated off of the front deck that describes the horizon from most views. Within the house, the program is differentiated by serviced and servant that allows for material strategies to be applied.  The simple massing provides opportunities to be creative in terms of storage location and display areas for the unique collection of the client.