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Type: Cultural
Scope of Work: Addition, Alteration + Renovation
Client: Cyrus Hakagian
Location: Westbury, NY
Status: Submitted RFP
Team: Method Design + Cecilia Reboursin (Interior Design)

Method Design Team: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos, Nick Axel

The Westbury Theater proposal projects the programmatic vitality of the newly renovated Westbury Theater to engage and re-vitalize the community, its identity, and the local street life.  This is accomplished through a primary strategy highlighting the programmatic difference in the project by articulating the main components of the complex: theater volume, studio spaces above, and commercial storefront at street level. This formal strategy of articulated difference is unified by the array of projecting window boxes that establish visual connections between users of the studio spaces and the residents of Westbury, while at the same time manifesting an architecture of cultural performance.

The overall building complex asserts itself as a unique and significant urban object through the extension of the two Marquees–one on Post Avenue, and one in the new addition on Winthrop Street.  These Marquees act as both light beacons within the community, and signage for the vibrant events inside.