Project Distortio Pavillion

The D151ort Pavilion is an architectural device to transform our experience of sound and light. It explores the potentials of parametric design, is informed by material logic, and is inspired by the urban experience. It is the centerpiece of the festival, a digitally fabricated, reconfigurable, acoustic pavilion made up of 151 sound absorptive cones arranged in a hexagonal geometric configuration. The graphic quality of light projected from the triangular cones emphasizes the shape and structural character of the installation. The mobile installation visited four venues during the festival, taking center stage in an outdoor plaza, in a small nightclub, in a grand hall, and in a teeming lobby.


Status: Completed

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Scope of work: Design, Fabricate, Assemble, Install Sensory Installation

Architect of record/ design architects: Reese J Campbell, Demetrios A Comodromos, Niels Andersen (Kydsrum, DK), Ali Tabatabai (WEM3, DK) Martin Tamke, Brady Peters (CITA, DK). Students from Royal Danish Academy of Fnie Arts, Department 8 + Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture

Consultants: Akustikmiljo