iSchool Green Roof

In this project, Method Design led a design team in working with NY C's iSchool (part of the NYC Public School system) faculty and students in the development of a new common and gathering area and pedagogical spaces for the study of various natural sciences on the roof of the school. Method utilized three key design constraints to inform the proposal for the project; the original architect, CBJ Snyder's work in developing model educational buildings with recreational roofs (since disused), new opportunities in the zoning for Green Roofs in the NYC Zoning, and in-depth site and environmental analysis of the roof. These constraints led to the proposal of a simple matrix setup - plant typology in one direction, with roof type in the alternating-to maximize ecology types. Finally, the code-required -curb and screening for mechanical equipment becomes an active bench-trough-and screen ribbon that unifies various territories on the roof matrix. Ultimately, the intention is to link and increase in biodiversity and ecology, with an increase in spatial, programmatic and pedagogical opportunity.


Location: SoHo, NY

Scope of work: 8,000 sqft Green Roof

Architect of record/ design architects: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos, Angela Pasquale, Kyle Baumgardner, Tony Policastro, Daniella Manfredi

Consultants: Structural Engineers: Silman Associates. MEP Engineers: Atelieri Sebor Weibor, Code Consultants: CODE LLC, Cost Consultants: VJ Associates