Hyperbolic Solar Shade

The HSS is a unique shading device that responds to the specific coordinates and orientation of proposed site in Phoenix, Arizona. The proposed device began analyzing standard solar geometries via true cardinal orientations. The data was developed in grasshopper to respond to the additional 18 degree plan rotation, which dramatically reshaped the initial arced surface. Hyperbolic surfaces were developed in Grasshopper as a geometric resolution. Modularity and Spacing: Each of the 2 facades requires dramatically different forms based on the same data sets. Each side however is developed around a single module that is capable of stacking. While the carved hyperbolic surface is specifically developed to respond to the true geometry of the solar projection across the 18 degree rotation, an additional triangulated hyperbolic form acts structurally by picking up the corner of the shading device and tying it back to the base structure. Four modules tall stack from floor to floor across each façade to offer the project the necessary coverage from solar gains.