Blue Ridge Labs

Blue Ridge Labs at Robin Hood is a social impact incubator that seeks to bring new technologies and support systems to low income communities that are often not recognized by current markets. New developer teams and entrepreneurs are brought into the space to begin helping them realize their aspirations in a collective environment geared towards building upon the needs of different communities. One of the important factors in the process of developing these new ideas is that each team learns from each other and creates a particular flow of methods and ideas that permeate through each section. As each team moves on to their own path, they leave their footprint for future teams to learn from and keep helping to building new technologies. With this process in mind Method Design established bands of infrastructure and workspace that retained permeability through each side of the space, which contains a built in way finding system that also helps link together the cycle of new, current, and alumni teams.


Status: Complete

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Scope of work: Interior Construction

Architect of record/ design architects: Reese J Campbell, Demetrios A Comodromos, Matthew Fugelsang

Consultants: Piscatello Design Centre (Graphics)

Builder: NK Interiors