Citibike/ Motivate Headquarters

Citibike and its parent company, Motivate, have become one of New York’s most recognizable brands, known intimately by customers and the public alike. However, internally, the company’s rapid growth and divergent spatial needs for its team meant that there was no consistent spatial identity to support company culture. The goal of this project was to propose a means to end the ‘church and state’ like schism between the operating groups; admin of Motivate and Citibike and the mechanics that repair the bikes themselves. We have developed an integrated narrative of Citibike and Motivate’s history, trove of knowledge produced, daily operations, and the evolution of the bike to organize the main programs of admin, dispatch, customer service, and maintenance while stitching them together into one unified space.


Status: Complete

Location: New York, NY

Scope of work: Interior Construction + Mechanic Depot

Architect of record/ design architects: Demetrios A Comodromos, Katelyn Rauth

Consultants: Mottola Rini Engineers (MEP), LSTN Consultants (Acoustics), Laufs Engineering (Structure)

Builder: WKR Construction