The North American headquarters for the fast-growing food company HelloFresh was design by Method Design to accommodate a diverse company that houses multiple divisions under the same roof, including chiefs, marketing, sales, and product resourcing in addition to the leadership and business resources teams. Designing the headquarters had to incorporate the diverse needs of each group inside the dynamic, food centric work environment, while allowing for continued growth. This is achieved be setting up a variety of spaces from a large open, but semi-enclosed dining area, a series of meeting rooms servicing 2 people in the smallest spaces and up to 20 in the larges board room. These closed spaces are offset by a series of staggered open break out zones that are staggered around a central core. The total effect provides for the evolving fluid needs of a growing food company.


Status: Complete

Location: New York, NY

Scope of work: Interior Construction + Studio Kitchen

Architect of record/ design architects: Reese J Campbell, Matthew Fugelsang

Consultants: Mottola Rini Engineers (MEP)

Builder: Black Square Builders