Hunters Point Plaza

The Hunters Point Plaza facade needed new facade installation to draw people to the building. A new Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) panels. EIFS is a rigid exterior facade material that works well but comes with its restraints when dealing with this project. Structure is a problem in this building and due to insufficient drainage in the past, EIFS will be utilized for its insulation qualities as well as its waterproofing and drainage capabilities. Due to this reason the drainage must all happen at a common horizontal joint which prevents a constraint of a preference for horizontal continuous joints. EIFS being rigid, this prevents the idea of physical manipulation of the EIFS module but still allows the opportunity to add or decrease exterior foam if a different physical form is desired. The strategy to draw people to the building and to give the facade an extra aesthetic is to place pop-outs determined by the focal point of arrival. The pop-out placement addresses the entire facade as a single rolled out plane. This creates a fluidity and cohesion to the overall pattern. The pattern undulates across the surface to draw the eye along the entire facade. The coloring of the pop-outs aids the eye’s tracking and creates energy and movement to re-activate the existing window and panel placement.


Status: Complete

Location: Hunter Point Plaza, Long Island City

Scope of work: Exterior Renovation

Architect of record/ design architects: Demetrios A Comodromos, Reese J Campbell, Angela Rocchi, Katelyn Rauth, Ayman Alhajji

Consultants: Laufs Engineering (Structure), CODE, LLC

Builder: Milcon Construction Corp.