Intent Media Headquarters

Intent Media is a technology company that helps travel commerce companies monetize non-converting traffic and decrease their reliance on Google. In their new office design their support spaces are organized along the back wall, and a striated setup to the whole space is created; banks of desks at the windows, a zone of circulation, and a rear zone of meetings and support spaces. The design deliberately contrasts the architecture and industrial-modern cleanliness of the modular column layout, with a fluid-form wrapping wall that organizes the meeting and open breakout spaces. The circulation in between becomes a path along the opposed sides that creates a subtle, but dynamic separation between the meeting and work areas.


Status: Compete

Location: New York, NY

Scope of work: Interior Construction

Architect of record/ design architects: Demetrios A. Comodromos, Matthew Fugelsang, Katelyn Rauth

Consultants: LSTN Consultants (Acoustics), ICOR Consultants (MEP)

Builder: Nucor Construction Corp.