Premier Oral Surgery Group

The infrastructure of the surgery center, including laboratories, sterilization areas, 3D X-ray machines and ample storage, is grouped together in a centralized core and formalized with a custom material pallet that creates the architecture of the entire facility. Infrastructure, which is normally an ignored or hidden area becomes the center piece of design by turning it into glowing volumes of frosted glass or lacquered volumes of custom millwork. To offset the sterile nature of the glass surfaces, warm walnut paneled walls trisect the space into three efficient programmatic bays: Client Reception and Business in the front, the infrastructural core in the center, and Operatories along the back. To mitigate the both public aspect of reception and the private necessity of business negotiation the wall separating the lobby from the business area was developed with layering opacities of translucent and transparent glass in front of a purposefully booleaned wall. The specifically designed openings allow for light transmission and monitoring of waiting patients, while obscuring business operations and client negotiations. The effect of pragmatic planning combined with innovative use of material strategies creates a highly efficient surgery center with the highest caliber of design.


Status: Complete

Location: Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Scope of work: Interior Construction

Architect of record/ design architects: Demetrios A. Comodromos, Jason Bean

Consultants: Eurodent, David Kufferman, PE

Builder: Mario Viginola, BOB D’Elia