Rennicke Associates

With the expansion of the group practice, Method Design was tasked with evolving the original design with its focus on light and visual access, while still committing to the high-performance needs of acoustic separation and speech privacy. The new location had the additional difficulty of providing little to no natural light. The solution was found by providing a well-light lobby space, that uses a vaulted ceiling transitioning into the office spaces, to bring soft reflected light into what are otherwise office without windows. This vault provides a spatial access organizing condition to the rooms, while mimicking an exterior natural light condition.


Status: Complete

Location: New York, NY

Scope of work: Interior Construction

Architect of record/ design architects: Demetrios A. Comodromos, Reese J Campbell, Matthew Fugelsang

Consultants: Mottola Rini Engineers (MEP), LSTN Constultants (Acoustics)

Builder: TBros Renovation Inc.