Upper East Side Residence

Method Design was approached to renovate this amazing residence in its landmark building in the Upper East Side. The longitudinal layout of the space dictates a long hallway of circulation that connects living space in one end and more private rooms on the other. In order to maximize efficiency of use and functionality, the entry hallway is implemented as a connecting tissue bounded by two surfaces that are materially and geometrically treated differently. The east wall becomes the white gallery exhibition surface that display art and photos. The west wall functionally becomes a volumetric storage for kitchen appliances, wine, washer and dryer, and books. The surface tectonically introduces a softer connection between rooms and rich material.


Status: Completed

Location: Upper East Side, NYC

Scope of work: 1,336 sqft Full Renovation

Architect of record/ design architects: Reese Campbell, Ayman Alhajji

Builder: McGowan Builders, Inc