Flatiron District Competition

This proposal seeks to open new questions about how landmarks are constructed and perceived in contemporary society. Within the framework of this specific competition, we also seek to ask what it means to construct such a piece in the literal shadow of one of Manhattan's most famous landmarks, the Flatiron Building. What does it mean to set out to design a landmark whose physical life as an intervention is temporary, and its perceived effects are ephemeral? How can this conflicted setup open opportunities in devising new ways to think of public space and the construction of landmarks? LANDIMARK approaches these questions through a series of operations that result in what we believe to be the required ecological feedback loop between PLACE, SPACE and INTERACTION to make an urban, robust, landmark. Place-making. We utilize a sinuous curb filled with sloping crushed stone to harness the hustle and flow at the intersection of 23rd and Madison Square Park into places of respite and recollection. Space-making. These places are then intensified as spaces through the extrusion of a series of synthetic 'reeds' that diffuse light and create privacy between each constructed scape. Social Amplification. Finally, an alternating combination of urban furniture and calibrated sensory environments within the scapes promote social interaction, and connection with the context of the Flatiron Plaza. The result is a robust micro-urban system that both taps into and creates new context, memory, and inhabitation in the city.


Status: Competition

Location: Flatiron Plaza, NYC

Scope of work: 2nd Annual Flatiron Plaza Holiday Design Competition

Architect of record/ design architects: Reese J. Campbell, Demetrios A. Comodromos, Angela Rocchi, Ben Crocker, Ayman Alhajji, Matthew Fugelsang, Katelyn Rauth